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Most of these Modifications are the exact same mods I've done to previous trailers and as such, I've gotten lazy and failed to take proper pictures. Pics can be found on the other trailer pages.

bullet Battery Disconnect Switch:

 I added a disconnect switch for the batteries to be able to switch off all 12 volt power to the trailer. This keeps the parasitic loads in the trailer from killing the batteries when it's being stored and gives me a little piece of mind as well. I've added this disconnect switch to every trailer I've owned and think it should be standard equipment.


bullet 6 volt batteries:

 I added a pair of 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries to the trailer.

The 6 volt batteries greatly extend dry camping time and they hold up better to being deeply discharged and recharged. These are a good investment for anybody planning to dry camp longer than a weekend. When I used a single 12 volt battery, I could never get through a weekend of running the furnace. Now we can do 4 day trips with heavy furnace usage and still have plenty of juice to spare.


bullet  Fluorescent Light fixtures:

I swapped out a few of the factory incandescent light fixtures for fluorescent ones. I tried some LED bulbs in some of our old trailers and just wasn't happy with the light we got from them. The goal here was to conserve battery power and these fixtures use exactly half the power of the original ones and provide about twice the light. I even measured the power use with a meter before I installed them to verify the claims on the box. The fixtures were a little pricey, but I'm happy with the results.

bulletDigital Thermostat

I added a Hunter brand digital thermostat using instruction written by a guy named Les Adams over at rv.net. The original thermostat that came in both this Jayco and my previous Springdale trailers were junk. The old ones had a temperature swing of about 10 degrees and since the had mercury switches in them, they had to be perfectly level to work right. With the digital thermostat, it's all electronic and level isn't an issue.







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