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 We went to Hershey Park in 2005 without our Outback and Decided we had to get back at some point in time.

 We Returned to Hershey in June of 2007 and stayed at Twin Grove campground with a bunch of our camping friends from both Outbackers.com and JimsCampingForums.com  The friends that we went camping with are just the best bunch of people you would ever want to meet. Even though it was a long drive, I think it was one of the best trips I've ever been on. We had friends to attend from as far away as Cadillac, MI and Peterborough, ON. The campground was top notch and everybody had a great time.

Pictures from our 2007 trip.

My Sister Joanna on the Carousel

Abbey on the Carousel

Abbey posing.

Joanna and Abbey on the Starship ride.

A view from the kissing tower

and another

and another

The middle school as seen from the tower.

The chocolate factory.

Abbey on the train.

Katrina on the train

Jim and Katrina

all 3 of us.

another shot.

one of the hanging baskets.

Abbey and the roller cow.


Abbey posing again.

The smoke stacks at Chocolate World.

The entrance to Chocolate world.

Chocolate World.

Chocolate World

the 100 year anniversary sign

100 years of Hershey.

Abbey with the prize she won.

Katrina showing off Abbeys prize.


Abbey with Seeker and Tadger

and another

I think she likes them

Seeker and Tadger

Seeker and Tadger camped beside us.

Judi and Abbey

Judi and Abbey playing.

One of the boys.

Abbey and her inflatable hammer.




 Pictures from our 2005 trip without the Outback.

Hershey bar Character

We got to see all the characters there.

Reeses cup and KitKat Bar

Reeses cup and KitKat bar were there!


Along with York Peppermint Pattie.


There are lots of kids rides there, like this balloon ride.


This is only one of the train rides for kids!


The MotorCycle ride!

Paddle boats

There are paddle boats there too!

overhead view

Here is a shot of the park from the Hershey Kiss tower.

One more overhead!

From above in the Hershey kiss tower.

Another Overhead!

Here is another shot from above.

Chocolate factory

Here is a view of the chocolate factory which is right beside the park.

Hershey Kiss tower

This is the tower that gives us the overhead shots of the park.

Race cars!

Gas powered race cars.


This is the airplane ride.


The swing ride is alot of fun!


Abbey says the Ladybug ride is fun too!

Chocolate world.

some of the things we can do at Chocolate world.


Did you know Candy comes from Cows?

Brown cow.

And Chocolate candy comes from Chocolate cows!

Another train

This is another one of the train rides.

Frog ride.

The Frog ride is Abbey's favorite in the whole park. she rode it at least 10 times on the last trip.

Ferris wheel

This is Abbey and her daddy riding the ferris wheel.


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